GSX is a 24-hour global exchange and marketplace for suppliers of business products and services. Additionally, GSX also provides a promotion and advertising platform where companies can sell and advertise directly to pre-qualified prospects.

Product Highlights Include:

  • Suppliers can bid on new offers by pre-qualified prospects.
  • Streamline sales pipeline with professionally brokered deals.
  • Creates a fair and competitive marketplace.
  • 24/7 sales network working behalf of market participants.
  • Advertise directly to qualified buyers.
  • Cost efficient and performance based fees.

Through GSX, Weylan Corporation becomes a 24/7 professional sales team working on behalf of suppliers from all over the world to qualify prospective buyers and connect them through our private supplier exchange.

Supplier from all over the world can bid on accounts offered by local and international business owners. On GSX virtually any business need can be filled at a click of a button. Business owners can simply put their project/offer on the exchange and suppliers can bid on the offer.

This streamlined approach can help suppliers reach more clients than ever before, creating an efficient, fair and competitive marketplace. Moreover, GSX creates an effective low-cost alternative to traditional prospecting and cold calling – reducing spam and opening up more opportunities for suppliers to meet actual demand.

GSX connects the world of supply to call of demand, worldwide.