The Computed Capital Allocation Account or CCA Account is a premium financial support product from Weylan Corporation that offsets operating costs by turning business expenses into revenue generating assets over the life of and active account.

Product Highlights Include:

  • Monthly Allocation Deposits
  • Quarterly Allocation Deposits
  • Supplemental Revenue Source
  • Adaptive allocation algorithms powered by our infrastructure.
  • Premium Consultative Services Included
  • Permanently Offsets Business Expenses
  • No Deposits Required
  • Automatic Deposit and Balance Increases

Weylan Corporation’s Computed Capital Allocation account is a unique opportunity for local and regional business owners to maximize profits and make more money with a supplemental revenue stream that permanently reduces business expenses – increasing profits. CCA account holders also receive premium services like aggregated supply account management, supplier market consults and analytics, typically reserved for enterprise clients.


Benefits of CCA :

  • Multiple Streams of Revenue: The Computed Capital Allocation account provides an aggregation of multiple revenue sources through the monthly and quarterly allocation deposits, collectively categorized as the CCA Deposit. Each CCA Deposit is comprised of various internal and externally derived revenue sources as calculated by Weylan Corp.’s central compute module (details outlined in CCA Design, Distribution Model, and Compute Methodologies whitepaper)
  • Perpetual Cost Reduction: By harnessing the power of GSX, Global Supplier Exchange – Weylan Corporation’s private supplier marketplace, CCA account holders receive exclusive custom rate and price reductions on their everyday business expenses. A CCA account linked to the GSX experience creates long-term increases in profitability regardless of what the short-term local marketplace conditions are.
  • Unlimited Growth Potential: The CCA account continues to provide supplemental revenue in the form of allocations deposits into the capital reserve allocation fund at Weylan Corporation. These allocation, each associated with a client account continues to grow over time. There is no cap on the earning potential of one’s CPO account or its associated allocation. Over time these allocations surpass the amount expended, resulting in a cash surplus, each month that continues to grow over the life of the account with Weylan Corporation; translating into pure profit and supplemental revenue for business owners.
  • Premium Support Services: Weylan Corporation provides business owners with relevant insights and the most critical information where it’s needed the most. With a CCA account, our premium consulting services come included as a complimentary component to the core CCA financial product.
    Service CCA Fee
    Account Management Included
    Market Research & Analytics Included
    Project Consultation Included
    Dispute Negotiations Included
    Supplier Billing Audit(s) Free Annual
    Fund Recovery $0 + % of Recovery
    Financing Options Included
    Online Account Access Included
  • Peace of Mind: With a Computed Capital Allocation account, Weylan Corporation clients have the power of unlimited growth on their side.